Kindred,noun-A group of persons associated by origin, nature, qualities, etc.; a person's relatives collectively; family.
KindredProject- The Kindred Project organizes international travel experiences with distinctly personal connections. Americans with networks abroad- immigrants or first generation citizens- share the beauty and reality of their country of origin with fellow Americans, integrating our muticultural communities and providing travel opportunities off the beaten path.

Why the Kindred Experience is unique:
  • Homestay-based international travel captures the impact of cultural immersion in its purest form.
  • Kindred Ambassadors are "locals" here at home and in your host community abroad. As leaders and guides, their abilities are innate.
  • Connect both at home and abroad through international travel that reflects and incorporates ethnic groups present in your home community.
  • Hands-on volunteer work harnesses the skills of Kindred travelers to directly address the needs of developing communities abroad.

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